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Short term visa (Maximum stay of 90 days)

Important – please read.

All applicants must comply fully with the documents required for the category of visa they are applying for. Incomplete applications will not be accepted, and alternative documentation other than that which is stated on the website will also not be accepted.

In the event an application is considered unacceptable at the time of the appointment, if the applicant cannot provide the correct documentation on the day of their appointment, they will be required to return and take a new appointment from our website at a later date to submit the complete application.

Please note if the applicant wishes to go ahead and submit an application whereby documents may be missing, incorrect or in any way do not meet the requirements as per the documents required, we may accept the application and send it to the consulate. However, please be advised if the application is returned by the embassy requesting the missing documents or any other missing or incorrect information, the applicant must accept responsibility for any delay that may occur in processing the application in time for their date of travel.

All visa decisions are at the sole discretion of the Consulate General of Spain, Edinburgh.

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