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BLS International Services (UK) Ltd.

BLS International Services (UK) Limited, based in London, England, is a part of BLS Group, India.

BLS International Services (UK) Limited is an acknowledged leader in the provision of Government to Citizen (G-to-C) services, operating under its holding company BLS International Services Limited, having its Head Office in Delhi, India (collectively referred as ‘BLS Group’).

BLS International Services Limited (Holding Company) is a listed company in the NSE and BSE and is amongst world’s largest specialist service provider for outsourcing of visa, passport, attestation and citizen services to the governments and diplomatic missions globally. The company serves Diplomatic Missions, Embassies & Consulates and Governments in managing all administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to the visa application / citizen services process, enabling them to focus entirely on the key aspect of assessment of the applications. BLS has operations in 62 countries, with more than 5000 employees providing services through 2325 offices worldwide.
BLS International Services (UK) Ltd. operates in UK and has a number of contracts in UK region. BLS International Services (UK) Ltd. uses combination of directly engaged employees and sub-contractors. BLS Group highly respects human rights and considers it a part of our fundamental values. People are the core of what we do, hence managing human capital responsibly includes respecting human rights and preventing modern slavery. These are the keys of the long-term business success of BLS Group. We have zero tolerance of all kinds of modern slavery including forced labour and child labour. Forced labour, including debt bondage and other forms of modern slavery, is not accepted in any of the BLS Group’s International locations.

BLS Group recognises that modem slavery is a heinous crime that affects communities and individuals across the globe. BLS Group has already undertaken actions to promote ethical business practices and policies that protect workers from being abused and exploited in the organisation. The following safeguards are presently in place:

  • BLS Group has existing policies and procedures in relation to a Code of Conduct ("COC") and Ethics and includes procedures in relation to Trafficking in People. There is a requirement for BLS employees to sign annual COC document, Ethics and Trafficking in Persons Training.
  • We have stringent processes for appointing potential partner or supply chain providers for service providing;
  • Ensured that our systems contain appropriate processes to protect lesser skilled workers engaged in overseas locations;
  • Providing knowledge and training to all employees about modern slavery and trafficking in persons.
  • Modern slavery and trafficking related risks are covered by the human rights reviews of our own operations, which we are gradually performing, and we prioritize the countries and segments where we have assessed that we have the highest risks for human rights violations.
  • We are gradually undertaking human right reviews across our operations, adopting a risk based approach in the prioritisation of our internal reviews.

The statement is made in accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and has been approved by the Board of Directors of BLS International Services (UK) Limited.

Director’s name: Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal

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